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About My Journey

About My Journey to Living the Simple Life............

    I would have to say my journey and some what transformation to begin this way of living started a few years ago. I just knew God was telling me to SLOW DOWN and enjoy His precious gifts. After living the fast pace hustle and bustle, there had to be a better way, and OH how God can show you what He wants for you.

     In 2006, we moved into our newly built, what we would call then, our "Dream Home". A nice new housing development on the outskirts of town (but still considered city). This development was built on an old farm, facing the back side of our house. The view from the backside of the house was just breathtaking to me ( I think that's was a big part of what attracted us to the house, again God showing us His way). The beautiful view included a nice big ridge that served as pastor for the horses and cows behind the farm house. I would get up early and go out on one of my two back patios, with coffee in hand, just taking in the beauty of horses running on the ridge, the beautiful sound of chickens and roosters enjoying the day. Looking at the old farm house and the slow pace of farm living, I would just catch myself thinking of how nice that would be. I would watch the farmer go out and tend to the animals and farm, and his wife be out in the back yard doing her chores. I always would have such a relaxed feeling just seeing this everyday.
     As life became more fast paced with busy schedules, meetings, running here and running there, I knew this was not how I wanted to raise my little children. To be so busy that I couldn't enjoy the little, but so very important things. So busy that fixing a nice meal and eating together was seldom. And again.....Oh How God works to the good of those who Love Him.....Romans 8:28.
     So that, so called "Dream Home", and way of living was really just God preparing me (molding the clay) into what and who He wanted me to be. The wife and mother who has time for what matters the most. Just like in Proverbs 31. To have more time for Him. To have more time for family and all the small things that matter the most. Living the simple way of Life, and being satisfied with this way. Not wanting more and more of "Worldly things", "Showy things" "Stuff" "Certain Jobs" "Money"..... material things.

     So here I am living a life for God that I can simply enjoy, and enjoy the many blessings that He has given me. To enjoy the simple, but Oh so satisfying way of living. To be more self or as I say "God-Sufficient". To teach my little children the important things of life, and to teach them that we live in this world, but we are not of this world. To teach them the dying art of how to do things their self, and not be dependent on others.

     I now live out in the beautiful country, on a beautiful farm. Nothing fancy, nothing to worldly, just Gods simple gorgeous beauty. It's so peaceful, and tranquil that I sometimes just can't believe I'm here.

    I would probably sum my journey up by the old saying ...."You can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl". Love it, and Praising God everyday for all the blessings!!!

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