~Loving the Simple Ways of Living~



Husband and Best Friend since 1992,
Our Family Leader, Man of God,
Huge Steeler Fan, Carpenter,
Avid Sportsman,

Old Fashion, Nature Lover,
Jesus Follower, Country Crazy,
Seeker of Simplicity, Devoted Wife and Momma

Olivia & Lucyelizabeth
(Best Friends)


Artist, Little Hunter,
Country Girl, Book Worm,
Blondie, Garden Girl, Soccer Lover,
Daddy's Girl, Animal Explorer, Jr. Chef

(Cinnamon & Lulu)

Miss Talker, Curlie Cue,
Honeymustard everything eater,
Momma's Girl, Book Crazy,
Lego Lover, Funny Bunny

Millie Mae

American Brittany, Sports Dog,
Outdoor crazy, Ready to Run, People Pleaser,
Dog Friendly

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