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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wood Chip Gardening

      I have been very busy lately hauling wood chips to the Garden. If you have not checked out  www.backtoedenfilm.com you must. This free film on gardening with wood chips just blew me away! This method of gardening mimics the nature floor of the forest. If you have ever looked at the forest floor you will notice how rich the soil is, and how well trees and bushes grow with out any work.
    I have been using wood chips on my flowers for years, but never thought about using them in the veggie gardens. I always had great results with my flowers using the wood chips, so I am so excited about my 2013 veggie gardens. The wood chips are a very low maintenance way of gardening, keeping the garden moist underneath the chips, so watering will be very minimal. While weeds can easily take over your garden, this method keeps weeds down. The wood chips act as a tea compost, giving your plants natural fertilization. This method requires no tilling, and the only garden tool you will need is a garden rake. How wonderful is that? One more bonus is, it also keeps pest down, because the pest literally drown when they bite on the plants, because of the high water volume.
   Wood chips are pretty easy to get for FREE (my favorite price), usually by tree trimming companies that are in need of dumping them, while trimming trees for electrical companies. Another place you might find them is through your near by cities department of maintenance, which would only require you go pick it up at their location.

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