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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 Homestead Goals


As I relax by the warm fireplace, I think of the up coming year 2013 and some homestead goals for the new year.

   One goal that is already in the works are Goat Babies that are due to be born in February and will be joining our farm in May. We are currently in the process of building a barn for them, and putting up goat fencing.

Tulip and Star from Our Little Farm

Another goal I'm shooting for in 13' is more heirloom seeds, and saving more seeds from the garden. 

Here is a list of more 2013 Goals.... I have many and probably will not get to all of them this coming year, but I have them down, and this really helps me in being able to look at them in print and stay focused on what needs to be done.

  1. Fencing off Garden Area
  2. Learning to Crochet
  3. Adding more Chickens to our Coop. 
  4. Looking into Raising a few White Turkeys
  5. Looking into Ducks and Geese.
  6. Live Stock Guard Dog.... Great Pyrenees
  7. Making more Walking Trails in our Woods.
  8. Making Homemade Blackberry Wine.... just like my Great Grandfather did. 
  9. Honey Bees
  10. Looking into plans for a Root Cellar. 
  11. Would love a Jersey Cow.
  12. Looking into purchasing a few Hogs for Pork.
  13. Looking into using more Solar Power. 
  14. Fruit Trees.
  15. Tapping Maple Trees for Real Syrup.
I'm sure I could think of lots more, but I have down the most important ones, more steps to self sufficient living. The great thing about the goals ..... they are so exciting, and I look forward to each step. As we work toward our goals we always remember to enjoy the simplicity of the whole homestead lifestyle, which is the main reason behind it all. 


  1. Great Goals for 2013... Girl we are so much alike and want so many of the same things. I love it!

  2. That is so funny!!! I Love it! I have to remember Rome wasn't built in one day, I can get a little carried away. I forgot to add a horse to my list..lol, would love one too. :)