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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Project

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure

This project cost me around $3.00

   This glider was given to me in rough shape, so my wheels started turning. I just love to look at something old and think about how I can turn it into something special. This glider was still in good shape, it just needed a little TLC.
     I started by cleaning it (a good power washing.) Next I sprayed all the metal with a gray primer spray, that I already had on hand. After that, I sprayed the metal with a glossy black rust free spray (had that on hand also.) Last step was painting all the wood with a good extreme weather 
exterior paint (which I already had in the garage.) That finished all the painting, and it looked totally different! 
    Now for a cute little pillow!! I found this idea, and just had to try it. I bought two dish towels for $1.50 each. I sewed them together, leaving one side open for stuffing. Next for the stuffing...I took one wal-mart plastic bag and filled it with about 60 other plastic wal-mart bags. I rolled each bag tightly long wise, and placed them in the outer bag (pressing them down on every tenth bag or so. When the bag is stuffed to your liking, fold down top a couple of times and staple a row from one end to the other. Place in dish towel cover and then hand sew end together hiding stitches. And there you have it!!!! 
     So next time you see something junkie and FREE, take a minute and think what you could do to transform it into something nice. 

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